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Review on Anime- Josee, the Tiger and the Fish || Jannat Esha

Josee the tiger and the fish
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Anime: Josee, the Tiger and the Fish

IMDB: 8.1

Duration : 1h 38m

Highly recommended

When it comes to refresh my mind this type of anime never disappoints me.  You can’t expect more from any show as long as it heals you.

Love vs dream

The elements portrayed in this story are nothing new. Love vs dream is used in different types of shows in different atmospheres. You’ll find this term in this anime but with a blooming version. The ending may make you feel a bit sad but trust me that’s how the sheer reality should be!!!!!

Here goes the least part of Josee the Tiger and the Fish

Josee, a bookworm girl is physically disabled from her birth thus she is confined in wheelchair.  The dream she holds in her heart cannot be fulfilled.  She paints those dreams of hers in her room. She only had her grandma by her side in all her life as she lost her parents in a young age . As her grandma feared the outside world, she got confined in their house.

One day they bump into Tsuneo, a University student and Josee’s grandmother hire him for accompanying Josee. Thus Josee gets her chance to taste the outside world with Tsuneo. They continue to visit different places and gradually develop their relationship into a romantic one.

When Tsuneo’s sudden accident and his life’s dream come into their lives, they slightly get apart from each other. They go through some ups and downs, help each other to embrace their dreams and get united.

In the end, we find both the love and dream prevailing. That’s the way we should love…  not to destroy dreams but to build up dreams together.

In this movie you’ll encounter those types of love triangle we enjoy in almost every slice of life animes. But for me it’s not boring rather gives spice in the story!!!

When it comes to animation, directing and soundtracks… all of these were top-notch no one has any audacity to question I suppose!!!!!

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