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Book Summary- Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens

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Writer of this post is a kid (Dina Moni) of Class seven only! I appreciate her effort.

Once there were  two brothers. They were very different from each other. Elder brother’s name was Raulf and younger brother’s name was Nicolas .

Raluf was a person who always wanted money, he always thought that money means happiness. Money can make everything. There is no profit to live without money.

On the other hand, Nicolas was a very soft person. He wanted to live like his father. His father was a very honest man and was satisfied whatever he had.

By the way, when their father died,  Raulf went to London to find out a job for him.

And Nicolas continued  living in their father’s  home. Then, after some days he married a girl and they were blessed with two children.But he ended up  dying by thinking about their sadness.

Then Raulf came in their house and saw the wife of Nicolas  and his children crying and then he tried to understand them. And he asked his brother’s son if he wanted a job? 

Then the boy said -yes, I need a job. His name is Nicolas Nicolobi.  And then Nicolas got a job in a school. But, that wasn’t a school but a hell.  Because their headmaster’s behaviour was like a monster. Without any reason he used to beat students for that no one liked him.

When Nicolas Nicolobi came in this school then  he was shocked to see all things. But, gradually he could understand all things. And one day after beating  the  headmaster,  he left this school  with a little boy.

And he went to their house and said all to his mother. Then Nicolas Nicolobi married  a girl, her name was medlen. After, some Days later the school boy died of fever.

And then as Nicolas Nicolobi got a new job,his family members Daily life started going very well.

we can learn from this story that people always utter many things to us but we shouldn’t lay head down on the crimes.

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6 thoughts on “Book Summary- Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens

  1. Nice story.I read this story summary very enjoyably. I ac understand all the story summaries. Because of this summery written use of common word. I would like to thanks Dina moni sister.her writing very well.I am very surprised to see her writing story summery. Best wishes for her.

  2. As a student of class seven she wrote very well i really love her efforts… Best of luck Dia moni.

  3. when i show this tittle in Facebook then i click this link and read it slowly.
    I blessed with her. She is just a kid. But her activity like a student of University.

    I always pray for her. One day she will become a person who will be very famous in our country. Allah bless her and her proud mother Shamima nasrin ritu.

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