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Book Review (Angels & Demons by Dan Brown)

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A mixture of fact, fiction, history, thriller, puzzles and arts

Angels & Demons is one of the bestselling novels of Robert Langdon series written by Dan Brown. If you are looking for some thrill along with dark environment and unexpected twists then it’s definitely for you!!! Here Dan Brown brought up the century old controversy “religion vs science” upholding an ancient organization ” Illuminati” which holds deadly vendetta against catholic church. A silent war continues to break out not only throughout the book but also in the mind of the reader about some existing questions of religion. What I liked the most writer didn’t try to impose his decisions upon the reader instead put facts in front of them to make up their own minds.

Whatever here goes the story in brief.

Our protagonist, Robert Langdon is a symbolist who rushes to Switzerland after receiving an image of a human corpse that was imprinted with a word “Illuminati”. Then he discovers that murdered individual was a brilliant scientist of a research facility named CERN who succeeded in producing a divine creation of universe named antimatter. Killing the scientist, the illuminati terrorists stole the antimatter, announced war against Catholic Church and threatened to demolish Rome. For saving the Vatican, Langdon joins forces with Vittoria Vetra, the daughter of the murdered scientist. They together try to figure out the secrets of Illuminati by applying their knowledge of science and religion to save the missing popes who got abducted by terrorists by solving hidden messages left by other witty people hundreds of years ago.

You know what’s so great about this story?

You cannot presume where the story is leading you. When the mystery finally gets revealed, it will make you feel like I wasn’t ready for these types of unpredictable twists. Some pages may create questions on your mind so did to me. This novel is indeed thought-provoking. But don’t overthink just enjoy it as a mind blowing thriller without comparing it with reality. Apart from all those controversy things, it’s a must try for any mystery-thriller lover. Just dive into the story, the suspense will keep you going until you finish it up!!!

Reviewer: Jannat Esha, Student of Electrics & Electronics Engineering, Dhaka University.

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